Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dumb Crook Story....

We had our own 'dumb crook' story today......
There were about twenty five of us standing around
on the side of a back road waiting to complete our
yearly obstacle course drivers training that was
set up down a side road. There was a large sign placed 
at the side road stating: Sheriff's Office Training.
Most people driving by slowed to see what was
going on....a few slowed down and asked if
 they were supposed to stop...
...and then along comes this little dude who
stops...rolls the window down...and says:
"I don't have a license." I'm guessing he didn't 
read the sign and thought it was a traffic stop.
To top that off when we ran his name through
the system he had outstanding warrants.
Talk about having a bad day....
Did we have a big belly laugh over this?
What do you think........

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