Saturday, March 26, 2011

singing in the rain........ was supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend but it hadn't started raining when it got light enough to go out this morning. i layered on a few sweat shirts and got the rest of my troughs filled......finally! this is the dirt with the mushroom compost mixed in.....sure makes a difference.
i just top dressed the bone meal instead of mixing the whole trough to the bottom. i wanted to keep most of the compost near the top half.

here's the finished dirt.........looks really nice. i finished up in the cold rain....a mixed washed the pollen down some....everything here has been covered in pollen this week....and i did get the base dirt shoveled in before it got too wet.

i'm itching to start planting...i've got my seeds but want to pick up some plants at my local (thirty miles away!) farmers supply. it's one of those great "old timey" type farmers supply that you can find anything from tools to canning supplies....definitely not your big box store.
now......if i could just find my almanac........


Linda Starr said...

Mushroom compost is the best. I used to use it when I lived near a mushroom farm in California. Do you have drainage holes in those bins?

Linda Starr said...

I just saw below you did put drainage and pea gravel, so cool.

just jody said...

i'm a great believer in mushroom compost and try to keep several bags on first choice would be worm castings....but there a little out of my budget for the amount i need. i'm hoping to start a small vermiculture venture to remedy that.

thanks for visiting linda..