Sunday, March 13, 2011

birth of a potager........

my sure doesn't look like much right now. i got the holes drilled in all my troughs yesterday... fitted the bottoms with screen and enough dirt to hold the screens in place. i've placed them on pieces of four by four.... i garden organically....and NO amount of diligence keeps the bermuda grass at bay for long....even with four inches of pea gravel .... i was afraid the grass would grow thru the drilled holes! todays chore is mixing the dirt, mushroom compost, green sand, and blood meal to fill the back already thinks i've gone wonky!

i think i'll purchase some earthworms for each container to keep things friable.
the plastic pots in the middle are going to have obelisk with running flowers and plants. i had originally planned to have a small water feature in the middle one with papyrus plants and horsetail but have decided it's really too much sun to make the water condition optimal...i'll just add a few saucer type water features around to lure the frogs.
my plans are to add a white picket fence around the potager with an arbor entrance covered in roses on each end. i'll have to have something or the deer will take my share along with theirs....
i don't mind sharing but they can be greedy....and besides....i don't see them out here shoveling dirt!

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Robbie Palm said...

I was working on my blog today and decided I would enjoy reading about other people designing or working to create a potager garden. I've been working on our potager for the past few years. We live in the city so I don't have all the room you have out in the country.
I wanted to comment on your potager. I really like how you are using the troughs in your potager.
I think it will be quite beautiful. I thought it would be fun to watch another gardener design a potager.
I'm creating a sepearate dining area or outdoor art studio this year. It use to be my spring vegetable and flower area before it would shade out towards the end of summer. Since we took a dead apple tree out last year, I 'm redesigning that area this summer,too. We only have about 1/4 of an acre in the city( house included). So have to be creative with how we use our space. I'm starting several vertical trellis designs this summer. I really like the "bones" of your potager..great idea with troughs...can't wait to see how it all grows this summer....:-)