Saturday, January 9, 2010

january 9, 2010

i am lost in my shopping
picking up items to nourish my body
the good parmesan cheese
some wine
my favorite tortilla soup
a pot of flowers to soothe my soul
i turn the corner and you’re standing before me
my heart starts like some frightened winged thing
how are you i ask…as i pass on by
you answer to my back… in that voice you use to distance yourself
then i feel the warmth of your hand on my shoulder
but i just walk away
my mind explodes with white hot lights
and my heart draws in upon itself
i find myself in the check out line……hurry….hurry
please….. just let me get out of here
on the drive home i feel the electricity of your touch on my shoulder
and when i reach the safety of my house
i remove my sweater and hold the spot that you touched to my face
and swallow down the grief rising in my chest

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