Sunday, March 8, 2009

southern spring show

i always look forward to the southern spring show..........the official harbinger of the coming spring. i took a half day off work and joined some friends for the trip to charlotte, on friday, to get my "flower fix". i grabbed my camera when they pulled up and .........oh no!.......blinking battery light! and .....of spare battery wasn't charged pictures! i mentally kicked myself the whole way up there but after touring the the really wasn't that big of a deal. it was nice to see the exhibits but they were all just everyday landscaping .....nothing magical........nothing fairy gardens or any of the "arty" kinds of things i'm drawn to...... so we just took a walkabout and tried to ignore the "fair" food that kept calling our names.

the only thing i wanted to purchase was some of the plastic grow bags like they use in nurseries (which i didn't find). i've decided to grow my tomatoes and squash in hanging bags suspended from an old school yard sized swingset that i've got. have you seen the price of those "topsy turvey" thingys? that ain't happening! i went to the dollar store and bought a cart full of two gallon sized trash cans made from a plastic ribbon woven on a metal frame and will line it with the grow bags (or make my own from heavy duty trash bags) then suspend them from chains on the swing set. i'm thinking of planting my carrots in those half whisky barrels. the thought of getting beat to death by the tiller gets less appealing each year. i've got three raised beds but i planted one with asparagus a couple of weeks ago so now i'm down to two. i'd planned on adding a new one this year but i'll just make do with what i've got..... there's plenty of room for the herbs. maybe i'll get the new bed in before fall so i can plant the garlic.

i've been spending my nights trying to teach myself how to do digital collage with photoshop. i must just be an idiot cause i sure am having a hard time.......but i'll get there......slowly but surely.....i'll get there.

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lola said...

Planting in containers is great. That's how I do my gardening. I can't get down on the ground anymore. I find growing veggies in containers very rewarding. I use the half whiskey barrels & the big plastic black tubs that trees come in from a nursery. They all work great.