Saturday, December 6, 2008

awesome cookbook

i ventured out today to finish up my christmas shopping for my grans and picked up jamie oliver's new cookbook for myself (yeah, i'm like that!). what an awesome cookbook. not only do the recipes look wonderful but if you are a gardener you'll love the sections where he shares his own vegetable gardening experience along with some advice. the whole book is on the premise of cooking with what grows in your garden.......sectioned into each season.
after reading thru and looking at the pictures of his garden i bundled up and went out to put my own garden to bed for the winter.......something that should have already been done! i cut back my bob plant (he was a pass along and i can't remember his name so i just call him bob), trimmed back the butterfly bush that had eaten the bird feeder (my feathered friends were not happy about that!), collected some seeds before pulling up the dryed flowers, and collected and stored the tomato cages. like i said......things that should have already been done but have been put on the back burner. it felt wonderful to be outside after a week smell fresh dirt. i even worked on my plans for next years garden after coming inside to a cup of joe. no better teacher than a garden to learn that life goes on.

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Carla said...

Thanks for the book review! I'm going to have to check in to this-I love cookbook that show you how to use what you grow (like, what a wild concept??)
Yea for you going and smelling dirt, it will re-energize you like nothing else! (which reminds me, my tomatoes have finally bit the dust, so a little 'tidying' up is in order:)