Monday, March 23, 2020

Is There Anybody Out There?

Helloooooooooooo there anybody out there?

I've been AWOL for quite some time...just living life. Nothing particularly interesting to catch up on so....let's start anew.

I have decided to let the majority of my four acre property rewild....hopefully become woodland. When my family bought this land it was basically open field with all the topsoil sold off for profit by the previous owner. I've tried to "garden" here for the better part of forty plus years by amending spots for whatever I was planting. That being said...most things have not done well because when the roots hit below the amended soil they became unhappy campers. I have planted many trees and shrubs around the property that are thriving but not like they should....and I've kept about two acres of grass cut as lawn all this time (two acres are fenced pasture with sheep). 

Last year I read "The Garden Awakening" by Mary Reynolds.
Awesome book....highly recommended! And this past winter I ran across her website:
We Are The Ark which helped me to decide to rewild my land. She asks that each person make a sign to let others know what's going on. Here's mine:
I live on a very small budget so there won't be any scraping off the grass to start over or purchasing of native plants. My plan is to scavenge what I can from the fields and woods around here. I expect there will be a lot of poor plants that won't make it after I rehome them but I'm gonna try.

I'm already lucky enough to have plenty of wildlife and rabbits to name a few. I have an abundant amount of insects...even honey bees...though not housed here on my property.
I even had some white wild yarrow just show up last year:
My plan is to document my journey here...successes and failures. I'm ready to get started but will have to work around the pollen for a little longer because of my allergies. I'm hoping to get some things started on light rainy days so I can be out. I've got several volunteer trees and a few shrubs I'd like to move. ( I know...should have done that last fall but it's gonna be done now).

Wish me (and all my little plant spirits) luck!

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