Thursday, February 14, 2019

Moon: Grandmother of the Human Heart

Moon...grandmother of the human heart

"Love is indecipherable. Perhaps it is easier for us to write about power..because its force field is tangible and its outcomes may be hooked onto the ends of our pens. Maybe it is more straightforward to find good words to invoke integrity or truth..because they shine through those things that oppose them or deny them. Magic can be caught in the clever twist of a sentence..and the many fluid expressions of sadness might be laid with little difficulty into a phrase. But how is it possible for us to adequately describe the simplicity and complexity of love? Our emotions are drawn by the tides..responsive waves of feeling that are small and immense..brilliant and tender..potent and wild. We are oceans created in many harmonizing and churning layers by our emotional deep waters. Here is the salty pitch of our longing and here the soft tone of our compassion. Here is the pale whisper of our bewilderment and the dark timbre of our anxiety. Here are the cold high notes of our clarity. Each one of us is a watery choir of feelings. But underneath all this noise there is something else going on. This full-bodied swell is underpinned by a single rhythm that steadily resounds along the perimeter of our awareness..a constant beat that may rise into a resonant crescendo or pulse gently behind melodic confusion. But it is insistent..strong and always present somewhere in the mix. That sound is love..indecipherable love. Love which rouses..impels and gives purpose to the drumming of our human hearts.

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