Monday, November 26, 2018

A Borderless Land

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"there is a stand of undeveloped jungle.. a place
of indigeneity within each of us..that can never
be domesticated. it is a borderless land..beyond
personality and convention..even beyond thought..
where pure creativity arises. like the signature
song of a tropical bird..the spiraling of an
arbutus tree..the evening scent of a jasmine
bush..there is an essence in each of us intended
to be expressed. few make the trek into this
creative wild..because the path requires great
vulnerability. to come into our true originality..
we must surrender the layers of numbness we
use to protect our hearts"

"many take the path well worn..but they are only
given a half lived life. to those willing to brave
the unknown path..the dark thicket.. a
remembering of love..magic..and purpose
returns. there is a wild woman under our skin
who wants nothing more than to dance until
her feet are sore..sing her beautiful grief into
the rafters..and offer the bottomless cup of her
creativity as a way of life. and if you are able
to sing from the very wound that you've worked
so hard to hide..not only will it give meaning to
your own story..but it becomes a corroborative
voice for others with a similar wounding."
~toko pa turner

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