Wednesday, January 17, 2018

That Last Glance

we don't get too much of it around here
and when we do folks tend to go a little
nuts...rushing out for bread and milk
...ending up in ditches
now that i'm retired i choose a simpler way
of dealing with it...spending the day with one of
my favorite author's new book. he writes of the seedy
side of enforcement officers
it's nice to be able to read about it instead of
 having to deal with it

two of my friends and officers were shot 
yesterday...along with two other officers i didn't
know... ambushed while on a domestic violence
call...always the most dangerous of situations. they
are expected to be ok but one of the others is in
critical condition. every one who makes their living
protecting others knows that last glance at your
home and loved ones before you leave could be
your last

i've been sending up prayers for det. roby
who is fighting for the chance of another
glance. if you are so inclined...he could use
your prayers also 


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