Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Paulus Berensohn

do you journal
i am forever beginning them
but lack the "stick to it ness"
to journal daily

i would love to have taken
a class at penland with paulus
i am just in awe of this man
his outlook on life is something
i aspire to

i have the dvd of his life
one of my treasures
in it he is asked what will
be done with all his journals 
after his passing and he said he
wanted them to be hung up in a
tree and allowed to return to the earth

this past june he left this world
in my mind's eye i can see his
many journals decorating the
tree of honor

when paulus's health begin to decline
he chose to be interred in at carolina
memorial sanctuary...an eco friendly
natural burial cemetery
he preordered a cardboard coffin which
he and his friends painted and collaged

this is a photo of his interment

such a special man.....

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