Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It Will All Work Out

"if this phrase scares you 
or you laugh it off... that's fine
but it's fairly
 to some extent
 it doesn't matter if you break up with the person you thought you
 or lost someone close
maybe you failed at something you tried your best at
or lost your job
maybe you 
who you are and became someone you 
didn't like
there's a million scenarios in which you can feel like things
 aren't going well
in your favor... or ever going to turn up
they will work out 
through all the shit you ever face
 everything does have a way of 
there's always a new way
 to end something than how you've imagined
 and what may seem like
 the end of the world
is really just the passing of a moment
 life is
and with it all things included within
 keep your 
chin up
 as much as you can
 push on as well as you can
we are meant to
 to keep going
to lose and to gain
 it will all work out
 venture onward"

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