Sunday, August 27, 2017

That Smirk

a daily practice for me
try to do my mid day meditation
accompanied today by
red dragon fly
always surprised
arises before 
letting it go
today found me thinking of my recent visit to the dvm to renew my drivers my state this
is every ten years until you reach sixty five years of age. it will be my last time before dropping back
to every five years. the time before there were feet diagrams on the floor showing where to stand
for your picture...this time none. being tall...i chose to stand against the wall but was told to step closer. she took my photo and instructed me to lower my head to try again. next photo i was again instructed to lower my head at which point i started laughing...(was i supposed to look at my feet? i've always been a scavenger...searching for gifts as i walk. my mother was always after me to stand up straight... something i try to do as an adult when out in public ... although i still walk watching the ground when alone). the woman refused to taking my picture with me laughing...guess that wasn't the face they thought they would see at a traffic stop. so it ended up the deer in the headlights look with a smirk on my face....something to proudly show for the next ten years. at least it will probably put a smile on this old face when asked to identify myself.


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