Friday, July 7, 2017

Who Fixes the Fixer

i am a fixer
from as far back as i can remember
i am the one people come to with their problems
their pain
i am the strong one
the one who gets things done
i am the fixer
i’ve taken care of my parents
my siblings 
my children
and with my job
victims of all race…creed….and situation
who fixes the fixer
 people assume that my strong exterior goes 
all the way to the core of my being
wish they could be like me
they see only the face i offer up to the world
when in reality
it’s a daily battle to keep the fragile pieces
 that make up who i am from imploding 
with the sound of a thousand fine crystal glasses
 into a pile
on the floor
leaving only an image
like that burned into the memory of your eye from a searing light
i’ve become a master at hiding the real me
a most noble actor on this stage called life
covering up the sound of the chains i carry
and the quiet click of the door closing in my heart
who fixes the fixer
i can soothe her each night with wine
and music
i can make her rise each morning
  force her to put on her mask and cape
 send her out into the world 
to fight the evils of another day
but i can’t fix her
i can’t fix her
who fixes the fixer

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