Monday, June 12, 2017

Searching For Home

i work with energy
this is a photo someone took of my hand while
i was working
i also have
the sight
it has passed through
the female members of my family
my grandmother
my mother
i was "told" before the birth of
my fourth granddaughter that she
would follow my path
(something i wouldn't wish
on anyone)

she is five and talks about her
"other mother...other brother...other sister"
not the ones she lives with now
i've read that these memories fade as
children age
my mother never mentioned me recalling
the past but told many stories of how at
the age of four i ran away from home daily
and was always being watched for and 
brought home by neighbors
makes me wonder if i was trying
to "get home"
 my whole life....even now
i've felt the pull of
somewhere else
not here
searching for

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