Friday, April 28, 2017

Farmers of Light

i bless this darkness
for without it
i would never do this work
i would be distracted continually
but in the dark
robbed of my sight
i must look inward
and while it is painful
i bless the wisdom
in me
that brought me here

i will try to be the best
student i can
of the night
for i sense
the quality of
myself here
is the quality that will come with me
as i walk through the rest of my days
and my willingness to really
roll up my sleeves
to do the hard work
will determine my experience here
in the long night of my soul
and will determine the length
 of my stay
and will determine
i think
even the length and quality
of my return to day
 so quiet...body
i know you are afraid
you crawl out of your skin
with the fear that
this darkness is here
and quiet...mind
on your mirror image
see the starlight within
and grow those points of light out
until the light swells across our internal
spilling outward
we are not in the business of
fighting darkness
we are farmers of light
so stay quiet...body
stay focused...mind
stare at the stars
quiet yourself
and know
i am alive in here
waking inside myself

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