Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shared Prayers... Honoring Risks

"Thank you for this perfect day for taking chances. 

Bless the heart which steps into the light tunnel of alternative
 channels of thinking.

Help me to understand that keeping quiet keeps me small. Guide
me to compose my ideas and thoughts without worry about who 
will respond and how. Help me open to the rejection or neutrality
that may come from expressing my initial ideas and feelings. Show
me the real hazards..but keep me from making up artificial ones that
prevent forward movement. Help me gather the thoughts that come
from my heart.

Support me as I face the unknown. Strengthen my relationship to
uncertainty by making a pyramid of my foundation. Remind me that 
I am like those who have gone before me..stepping out of the comfort
zone in order to engage possibility. Redirect my fears..and place my
feet on the path in front of me. Give me a nudge when I need it. Help 
me to be a bold example to others who look to me to lead with faith.

Spread my arms my heart wider..and let me find out for
myself. Grow my options for speaking from love. Help the healing
medicine rise to meet my voice.

Remind me that there are no healing reasons to protect those who
have done harm. Help me to say the things no one can say for me. 
Let me remember that my admissions of what is true are as
important to my own ears as they are to anyone who listens.

I am ready to pioneer a new way for myself. Pave my road with
clarity and trust. Mark the trail with feathers and tracks for
exploring all avenues of curiosity.

May my continuous efforts fortify my habit of speaking up for
myself. May my vow to try as many times as necessary reveal
the promise of my freedom. May my mistakes be my teachers.
Help me to reframe those things I wish to have said more clearly
and truthfully. Let me grant myself second and third opportunities.

Encourage me to stick my neck out:  not onto the chopping block..
but to stretch myself to beautiful lengths in order to greet what's ahead."

those are not my words
they come from a prayer book
i am using to guide me back to
the one that i am
i have strayed so far from my path
unwilling to acknowledge
the truth of things
praying for guidance

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