Saturday, September 3, 2016

I Got My Heart Broke

i broke my own heart today....

i cut that awesome lining out of my barn coat.

i LOVED that lining...but...
 that wool was seriously itchy!
also...i'm really hot natured and the more
i thought about it the more i realized it would
have to be extremely cold for me to be able to
wear this coat... and once it's tricked out i'm gonna 
want to be styling and profiling.

i've saved the lining to use in other projects and
will probably add a little to the outside of the coat.
the batting between the lining and the denim was
all wadded up you can see...looked like
something that came out of a rat's nest.

life lesson #......(i've lost count!):
next time you want to cut up a vintage wool
(what a mess...)

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