Monday, June 6, 2016

Life Lessons

i started my morning with a little journaling.
it's been hot and rainy this past week... outside
is like a sauna...and i'm waiting for the grass to
dry enough to mow my yard.

i've put my car camping adventure on hold for a
while. i had someone living in a house that i own
next door who packed an overnight bag and walked
out leaving the place in a terrible mess. so during
this heat...and in between the rains...i've spent my
time carrying off trash and junk. one week down
and i'm only on the kitchen! i'm really not liking
how it looks like i'll be spending my summer....on
top of the money spent to have a trailer hitch installed
and purchase a small utility trailer so i can clean 
this house. 

oh well...
life lessons.....

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