Friday, May 6, 2016

Yep....I'm Cra Cra

this time every year i get all hepped up and want to 
plant flowers everywhere. i do dearly love me some
flowers! this area across my front porch always gets
too much sun during our hot southern summers for 
anything to do really well so this year i decided on
succulents and lemon balm.

another reason for the succulents...i'm hoping to take a
few road trips this summer. i really...really...really would
like to have a class b a pleasure-way:

truth is...i can't afford one...and if i had one
i couldn't afford to keep insurance on it plus my 
car. i have a honda fit:
the back seats lay down and make a nice cargo area
for hauling things around....which i'm wont to
i thought...hmmmm...maybe i can use my car to camp
with. well...i immediately got lost in you tube land are bunches of folks doing this!
it appears to be some kind of new movement to do
"stealth camping" in modified conversion vans and 
cars.....who knew? it sure looks like something that
can be done on a shoestring budget.

here is an interesting video of a woman my age that 
travels across the country in her prius... which size wise
is pretty much like my car. i know the whole "bathroom"
thing will probably freak most of you out but as someone
who spent a lot of time hauling horses around and camping
in the boondocks...i've already done my share of this kind
of thing. i think i really need to give this a honda
gets 40 miles to the gallon and i could do a lot of road
tripping with this set up!


Tracey Broome said...

I read this an hour ago and then spent the next 60 minutes watching truck conversion camper youtube videos!
I am supposed to be getting a truck from my company, its "on order" and thinking I would rather sleep in a truck camper than having to breathe all the cleaning chemicals from the hotels I am staying in. This was inspiring!
Go for it!!!
We lived out of an Izuzu Trooper for a month when we were in our twenties, drove across country in it, I have never felt so snug and comfy. When we got home from the trip we couldn't sleep in our beds for the longest time, it seemed so odd....

just jody said...

Tracey....I HATE everything about staying in's one of the main reasons I don't go places as often as I would like. This sounds like a doable fix for me. If you watched those videos you've seen how awesome some of these vehicle/van/truck campers are. Maybe we'll finally get to cross paths!

CiNdEe said...

I did the whole camping thing when I was young(-; I am to old to do that again. LOL I would rather spend the night at a hotel if I HAVE to go somewhere(-: I never go anywhere so I don't worry about it(-:
Hope it works for you. A tent would probably be more comfortable though. At least you could stretch out.

just jody said...

Cindee....the back seats of my car lay flat and when I push the front seat all the way up it's six feet so my 5"8"self fits well. These won't be long term trips...just a night or two while I do some hiking or site seeing. Happy Mothers Day!