Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Sisters

i tried to do some clay mono printing that resulted in
a major fail. i could have kept trying but when it dawned
on me that i was limited to the material i could print on
i decided to try something different. i purchased a Gelli
Plate last year and had never even opened the package
so i dug that out and started experimenting. i'll have to first few prints were failures also. the majority
of my paints are not heavy bodied and trust me when i makes a BIG difference. i'm going to have to
"rob peter to pay paul" and go on a paint buying spree.
(i say that like it breaks my heart...snerk!)
that's my mother in the lower right corner and the
middle of the three girls. the others are her sisters.
i've got a box of old family photos that i don't think 
either of my children will be interested in saving
after i'm gone. i decided to put them all in an art
journal in hopes that maybe that will entice one
of them into continuing my position as the
family history keeper. i plan to include an index
in the journal with the names and a little history
of who is in each piece.

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