Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Gypsy Soul

so…another morning filled with altering
a photo. it's wonderful to be able to play
in a virtual studio.

to begin i opened this image (found on pinterest)
in icolorama…changed the style to tensor and
adjusted the exposure...

to get this:

took the above image to brushstroke app
and applied illustration a5:

i cut out the background with eraser app
and layered it over a photo of a green..
graffiti covered wall with the exclusion
mode selected to get the pink/purple color.
this was done in ps cs5 to get this result:

next the image was blended with the first
alteration in image blender app:

i finished by opening the above picture in 
icolorama and changed the effect by adding
noise which softened the look. in the form
mode i applied a mirror effect to flip the
image to get the end result at the beginning
of this post.

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