Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Gathering of Seekers

there is an amazing group of women that gather each week
at an artist's studio. we are artists…healers…writers…

we come from all walks of life…
some are from different cultures…
the ages are diverse… 
but we all sojourn to this small studio with the
purple door and leap…head first…down

our conversations run the gamut from the Divine Feminine
to Astrology…Animal Spirits…Soul Work…
there is much love…encouragement…support…
laughter…sometimes tears.
our only rule: no judgement

next week we will build a Native American
Medicine Wheel behind the studio. we've all
contributed stones from the Sacred Spaces 
that soothe our Souls. we've been asked to
bring an Offering to the Medicine Wheel…
some small part of ourselves that will reside
in it's center. 

i thought about my own gift for several days and
 decided to make a small wooden figure with some
type of stone insert. while i was in my shop looking
for just the right piece of wood i saw some scrap
pieces of deer antler…remnants of my jewelry making.
every time i picked up a different piece of wood my 
eyes would be drawn back to the antlers. finally i
just picked up a scrap of antler and as i turned it over
in my hands i saw a face. i had found my gift….

i took this piece in to my studio and used a wood burner
to bring the face forward. on the base i scribed the
four directions: 
North - (Air... My Breath)
East - (Fire... My Spirit)
South - (Water…My Blood)
West - (Earth…My Body)

i adorned her with a Turquoise Stone necklace…
for protection and healing energy…
 for all those who walk this Wheel...
may they leave knowing

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