Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Gift from the Feathered Ones….

i'm taking an online art journaling class like nothing i've 
ever seen before. it's a visceral self exploration…opening
old wounds and allowing them to weep out the poisons
so they can heal properly…leaving only battle scars to
display proudly…..simple badges of courage. 

the last few nights my dreams have been filled with bees
and snakes while in the old pine tree behind my home
turkey vultures have been silently watching….sentinels…
 their messages ring in my ears…Bee whispering that
hard work will attain goals… Snake telling me
it's time to shed my old self and use my Sacred Feminine
Energy to regenerate…and Turkey Vulture reminding me
that with every death there is a rebirth…
i like the feel of that word on my tongue...

so this morning when i went to my bedroom window to greet
 the day i saw my gift…this magnificent feather…lying in the 
grass below my window…from turkey vulture.

it's time...


Tracey Broome said...

I had three turkey vultures in the pine trees behind my house today. They have been my totem for many years now. When my daughter graduated high school 3 flew over our car on the way to the ceremony.almost touching our car. They are there for many momentous occasions. Today she went back to college, three vultures in the trees to see her back safely.... a very powerful totem.
I like the idea of the vultures for rebirth. It's that time for me too.
Enjoy the journey......

just jody said...

Thank you Tracey. Turkey Vultures have a way of showing up in my life when I need them. My most profound experience was several years back. I had gone to my Sacred Place to send up prayers when one of them came over the tree tops…dropped to about six feet above my head… made three tight circles around me…maintaining eye contact the entire time…before flying off again. I don't know how long I stood there in awe at what had just happened. I came to realize it was the answer I sought…although not the one I had hoped for…that it was time to let go and move on…death and rebirth…..

CiNdEe said...

We had a big bunch of vultures flying around here but I think it is because the cows are having their calves.(-: Hope you are doing well.

just jody said...

I am Cindee….hope you are too! Thanks for visiting!