Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just a Shadow of Myself

I found this guy on my walk today and brought him home
to do a little digital magic on him. I was both creeped
out and fascinated with him and found myself waiting for
him to strike out as I shot a series of photos. 

I used Snapseed, iColorama, and Mextures to get 
this effect. Here's the original shot:

I carried this guy all around the yard shooting in 
different places. This shot was on the concrete
in front of my steps. When I started shooting I
noticed the shadow which I thought was wonderful.
After loading the photo on my laptop the one I wanted
to use was blurred….I have such a hard time taking
pictures with glasses on but don't manage well without
them for close up. Carried the little guy back out to
try for a clear shot and the clouds had rolled in so
I lost the shadow. I had to wait for about a hour before
the sun reappeared to get this shot.


This one was done with ShockMyPic:

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