Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh What the Heck…..Stairway to Heaven

I wanted to call this Stairway to Heaven but
it isn't a stairway…is it? This was taken this
morning in an alley down town. I liked the
angle and how it seemed to fade out from the
sun glare. 

I opened it first in Snapseed and applied an HDR
filter…adjusting the scale until I got the muted color.
Next a filter was applied in VSCOcam to further
enhance the color of the brick. Last thing I did was
apply two textures in DistressedFX to get the heavy
texture on top and add the darkness around the 

Here's the original raw from the iPhone:

All in all I'm happy with how it turned out.

The pollen count has held me hostage this last week so
I haven't ventured out to do much shooting but have been
immersed in a wonderful PhotoShop class so I've kept
myself busy inside. I wish I had been able to take this
class when I first taught myself to use PS. I can't say
enough good things about it and would recommend it
to anyone wishing to make digital art.

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