Friday, November 22, 2013

'Tis the season…...

I've been in my studio tonight painting cloth to make a cuff
bracelet for my daughter.

She's my youngest daughter…and loves
that funky green color. I was thinking I would cut
squares from each one and sew them together to
make the cuff.

I played around with my grans pictures in Photoshop
until I got the look I wanted…taped some cloth to
a sheet of paper…and printed a strip with their pics.
My plan is to put the strip down the center of the
cuff and if there's enough room maybe add some

This is the mock up. I think I'm going to use a button on
one end and elastic loop on the other instead of a
snap or tie….not sure…maybe a snap would be
better since she's still carrying around the little one.

Now….if my nemesis….the DREADED


peggy said...

I love cuffs, I love that green and the pictures. Be sure we get to see it finished.

just jody said...

Will do…Peggy. I hope to make both my daughters and my grand daughters a cuff for Christmas.