Monday, December 3, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole.........

My friend Dottie has a group meeting every Tuesday night in her studio.
It's  been called 'The Gathering Place' for as long as I've attended.
We are an eclectic bunch....young...old...artists..writers...healers...
energy readers....

We have the most wonderful meetings with topics from all our
different interests discussed ...usually with a little art..and always
much love and laughter.

Our meeting tomorrow night heralds in a new format.
I'm not sure exactly what the change will be other than
the will now be called 'The Rabbit Hole'.

On hearing this last week my mind immediately went
to Ingrid Dijkers tunnel book based on Alice In Wonderland.

So....I've made one for Dottie to celebrate our
new direction.....sorry for the poor lighting!

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