Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ancients.....

I've been working on this piece for about a week now.
It's a mixed media piece with encaustic over plaster and first attempt at wax over plaster. I LOVE the
texture of the plaster but it made applying the wax a little 
hard. It ended up way too thick in places and I had to scrape
back and fuse I made a trip to Charlotte today and
picked up some Dorlands "cold wax". 

I'm really excited about learning this whole cold wax process.
You mix cold wax with oil paint and basically build up your 
picture just like encaustic....then do any "excavating" you'd heat needed and less fumes...although with the
oils you do still need good ventilation. 

I do love living in the sticks but often wish I lived somewhere
that I could actually take classes instead of always having to
 teach myself.....thank goodness for the internet and youtube!


Judy Shreve said...

Jody, I just found your blog and love your work. I have recently discovered cold wax/oils. Here's a recipe for cold wax:
about 10:1 ratio, but don't worry about being exact. Put small pieces of beeswax sprinkled with copal (found online search) in a glass jar and cover with mineral spirits. Put a lid on and let stand until dissolved - maybe one or two weeks.

Then I found some water soluble oil paints that you can use with acrylics -- well you can use with everything - cleans up with water:

Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

just jody said...

Thanks Judy....I'll give that a try! I was wondering if the water soluble oils could be mixed with the cold wax...I know I can use them and overcoat with the wax like the plaster and acrylic but wasn't sure about mixing. I haven't actually purchased any oils yet...still trying to read everything I can on what to buy since I've never used oil paint other than the sticks. Thanks for visiting!