Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fairy Gardens.......

Don't you love when you find that "special" garden center....
the one that has things not found in the big box stores?
Dearness Gardens is my go to place. When I want to
treat's either books or something from Dearness.

My oldest daughter made her first trip there recently and
saw their Fairy Garden. She was simply twitterpated!
It's been there for years now if that gives you an idea of
how pricey it is. Sooooo.....being the good mother that I
am....I've made her one for her garden.

The moss will continue to spread to cover the pot. The house
I ordered was actually a toad house with no door so I cut out
a door...burned some lines and a window with a wood burner...
stained...sealed...and glued it to the house. I cut the birdhouse
from a scrap of wood and painted it to match the house.
I think she's gonna like it......

This is a picture of the one at Dearness....
I'd really like to have it too.....but....$$$$$$$!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I like yours best....just adorable....I want to make one too!

Tracey Broome said...

hmmmm... do you know how many ideas are running around in my head now!!!!
Yours is definitely more special, it's made with love :)
very wonderful !!!

just jody said...

Thanks Sally...I've always been enchanted by fairy gardens and doors. It was fun to make! Be sure to post a picture when you decide to do your own.

Thanks to you too Tracey...I honestly thought about your houses when I was looking for one! You should definitely consider these....probably 90% of the hits on my blog have searched for fairy houses!