Thursday, April 19, 2012

the healing power of stones.....

Chris Booth stone sculptures.......

the awesome healing power of stones....


Tracey Broome said...

YES!! I am one of those that has to pick up a rock every where I go. My daughter does too. I used to find a rock in the washer every time I did the laundry. They are magical!!

just jody said...

Tracey....I have a stone that I picked up at the OBX when I was seventeen that I've been carrying in my pocket for 42 "stress stone". Needless to's smooth as a babys behind from all the rubbing! I've always been drawn to the energy of stones and trees.
Thanks for visiting!

WalkerofLight said...

I stumbled upon your Blog as I was searching for healing snapshots of stones. I am a Canadian writer. I now am in a new role as a bereaved parent, when last year, before Christmas I lost my 21 yr old only child in a tragic car accident. Shayla was a rock hound and through her legacy I created "The Heart Pebble Movement" on Blogger. I absolutely think the two photos I have seen on your Blog are brilliant! Kind Regards

just jody said...

Writter1 (Tonya?)...I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you have been through. I hope the healing power of stones works its magic on you as you are surrounded by memories of your beautiful daughter. Thanks for visiting.

WalkerofLight said...

I only now have come across your kind reply Jody. Thank you for your compassion! Much has happened since I last posted a comment. I had designed a memorial tribute to Shayla in the form of a beautiful smooth granite stone that I had hand-picked in the rain. On it is her name-Shayla Driver- a beautiful picture of my sweet angel and her favourite quote: "Be the Change you want to see in this World." I had it installed at McKinley reservoir, where she lost her life. The actual granite means "Stone of Protection" and I believe a fitting tribute to such a young woman, full of promise. The road she crashed on was long overdue for safety measures and last year, after only 8 weeks, the deadly stretch of road was finally fixed, because of Shayla's death. Now, it is my hope that no other parent ever has to endure what I have gone thru! Because of The Heart Pebble Movement, I have found a great deal of healing and peace in the stones placed in memory of my daughter. I appreciate your reply and sorry it took me so long to discover it! Much Grace & Light, Tonya

WalkerofLight said...

PS> I was wondering Jody if you would be able to place a pebble in any source of water as a tribute to Shayla and in her memory? My kindest Regards, Tonya

just jody said...

Oh Tonya...what a beautiful tribute for your daughter. I know that has her smiling! I know the perfect place to honor her by placing a pebble in water...I will do that today and also send healing energy your way.

WalkerofLight said...

My deepest gratitude for you wanting to take place in The Heart Pebble Movement Jody <3 Shayla once wrote in a journal of hers that she wanted to see the world thru her eyes and I feel this cause in her memory is honouring my babygirl. I usually ask for those doing so, to take a photo to send me...if that is possible, that would be Wonderful! I know my daughter sent me to your page, for a reason :) Thank you also for the healing energy!

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