Friday, April 8, 2011

pears and peaches and cherries....oh my

my fruit trees are looking wonderful this spring.....

i planted this pear tree last spring and it produced pears

right away....i picked them all off so the roots would get a

good this year i hope to enjoy pears!

this peach tree is very close to 100 years says

my neighbor who has since passed away. he said it was

planted when he was a small boy.... it loses a few more

limbs each season...i really need to try grafting a piece

before i lose the whole's those peaches that are

blood red in the center.......yum!

the cherry tree is full of cherries this year....and really most

years. they're always ready around mother's day....

i hope to try making conserves this year with all the

fruit i've got ....there's also apples and plums....

my lady banks rose is happy again this year.

she's completely covered the section of metal fencing

that was supposed to be a back drop....and my bottle trees!

so soft and buttery looking.....

reminds me of charleston, sc......

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