Thursday, October 8, 2009


i remember having a neighborhood store like this as a was called pucketts. they carried a little of everything.....there was a butcher in the back with meats and hoop cheeses, fresh vegetables, washing powder in boxes, and of course a whole assortment of penny candy. the old wooden floors cracked and popped, announcing your arrival as you entered and were greeted by name. everyone's family had charge accounts that were paid up weekly and my mother was forever sending us to pick up some little something and have it put on the account. i remember once having air put in my bike tires and asking "cotton" to charge it to our account.....i didn't know there was no charge for air! a bottle of coke was five cents and when the price went up to six cents everyone vowed they wouldn't buy another one. we always poured a pack of peanuts in our cokes.these old sidewall tires were seen on every "rag top".

an old washer was sitting beside this old store. i don't remember us having one of these but i saw them at other homes.

i do love the comforts of today but i miss living in the times when the world seemed a happier, kinder place.

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