Monday, July 6, 2009

ouch! #!*# wasps!

there has been a war declared at my home. i'm pretty much a "live and let live" kind of person when it comes to nature's critters. we all coexist rather well....snakes being a very big exception....however.....this ornery creature and it's kinfolk have decided they don't want me in or around my woodworking shop and storage building. first i was stung on the finger while minding my own business. hurt know. i was willing to forgive and forget. then several days later i went in the storage building to get some clippers and when i was closing the door..........bam......right on the eye lid. what the crap?? not only did my eye swell shut but i was sick for two days....and was definitely painful!

now i try very hard to live a green life......use as little chemicals as possible.....but i'm telling ya.....i went to town and returned with some of that 25 foot wasp spray and carried it (and used it) for the last couple of days. every time i get near the sheds i get dive bombed. i even snuck into the sheds after dark and sprayed all the nests i could find. well.....they've obviously called in reinforcements because those suckers are still after me!

as much as i hate it.....i'm planning a chemical warfare attack tonight.....after dark. i bought some cans of insect fogger hoping it will get the nests that are most likely in the roofs of these buildings. i seriously hate using chemicals like this....but.....hey.....they drew first blood. i read where you can blow up a brown paper bag and tie it off then hang it where you don't want wasps or bees. they think it's a hornet's nest and steer clear. well i'm gonna try that.......after the great wasp war finally comes to an end.


Lola said...

This sounds funny but I know it's not. These stings are serious. My ggs got it in his little eye also. Spent half the night in ER as he is little allergic to stings & bites. He was trying to move a bench {I'd been sitting on earlier} as his PaPa was mowing. I tried to find a nest a couple days later & turned the bench over on my foot [sprained foot}.

Jill said...

Man these things hurt. I once got stung on the bony part of my head, just behind my ear. I seriously thought I'd been shot! Had to go to the neighbor's house to find out what had happened, because there really is no way to see behind one's own ear! Anyway, I can't imagine the pain of an eyelid sting. Glad you are better!!