Saturday, November 8, 2008

'nother bucolic saturday

what a wonderful fall day! finally....there's a crispness in the air. the wind's been gusting all day..... showering leaves across the yard.....whispering.....whispering........"enjoy the remains of the season for bleakness.....and cold......and darkness soon follow"." he who must be obeyed" and myself took a stroll around the grounds checking out the sights.

the guys out in the pasture beat feet up to the fence in hopes of getting a few apples.

they're not the only ones with a taste for apples. i'm veeeery respectful of these visitors when sharing with the sheep.

we had an especially bountiful crop this year so there's enough for everyone.

what 's wrong with the clock on saturdays that she feels the need to make haste thru the hours....burning the day with abandon? slow down...speeding timepiece.....slow down....for i wish to savor this day..... and all her gifts.

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